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-Foams at the mouth and Dies-

2010-12-19 22:26:20 by CoinToss


Omg It was amazing!!! So epiiiiicccc!!!!! Omg go seeeeee iiiiiittt!!!!! (If you haven't already)


And Daft Punk is so awesome in that movie! They just stand there but their two cameos ARE AWESOME! And I love their music SO MUCH! OMGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWD

Okay, sorry about that... Tron Legacy was just so cool I had to rant about it. xD

-CoinToss Out

-Ghasps Again-

2010-12-18 01:53:31 by CoinToss

AWWWEEE, OMG Yay! I've been scouted! Wooooh!

So, I'm still makin a line art for myself to put up here of a drawing I did quite a while ago. But it's taking me FOREVER. x.x Making her lines perfect and exact are being a huge pain in the ass... -sighs- But I'll get it eventually. Lawlies. She just has a lot of tentacles.. BECAUSE She's half squid >8C Don't even try thinking it's tentacle porn!!! >.<

Well anyways, that's about it for now... >,>

-CoinToss Out


2010-12-16 05:08:00 by CoinToss

Okay...So, I'm new and I'm not really 100% sure of what to put up. I guess I could just put up EVERYTHING that I've drawn that's on my DeviantArt and FurAffinity... I'm not sure if I should put up the coloring jobs I've done. The Line Art isn't mine, but I colored them and worked really hard on em... And I always give credit to the peeps that drew the picture. -shrugs-

I'm not really confident about my art... I'm fine with posting it somewhere like DA, but I'm really intimidated by NewGrounds since it's so awesome and everyone on it is so awesome... I almost don't feel like I'm as awesome. xD

Well,,, That's it I guess. Check ya'all later 83

~CoinToss Out~

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